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What we offer

We deal with a modern presentation of facilities that go under our scanners. It’s more than just a video shared on your Instagram story or a photo you can upload to your wall. Thanks to this technology, we combine a realistic image with the possibility of visiting any previously scanned place.

Activities of include Laser Leica scanning, photogrammetry, 3D scanning, creating a virtual walk around the scanned place, preparing plan views for an architect, preparing a store or apartment for virtual customer visits,

These are just a few of the listed activities that are included in the offer. We always adapt to the customer’s wishes and activities in accordance to his or her expectations.

Do you want to show your apartment and you are on vacation abroad? Do you run a service premises and want to demonstrate its interior? Thanks to us, you can do it without leaving your home! Thanks to the new virtual walking technology, we will provide a three-dimensional scan of any space so that your customers can get familiar with your offer!

What we do:

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What does matterport scanning give?

The scanning we perform allows us to create models of apartments, houses, raw buildings, restaurants, sports facilities and other enclosed usable spaces, e.g. vehicles of museum facilities, places where it is not possible to enter on a daily basis. Our models are available in any browser, on any device, at any place and time. All scanning technology is also available in VR and having the right goggles we can receive a very immersive scan in the latest technology.

2D floor plan

2D plans are usually used to show entire apartments or even entire floors in case of houses and other detached buildings. With the help of this type of imaging, it is possible to accurately present all rooms, regardless of their size. With the help of 2D plans, it is the easiest way to show what the layout of all rooms looks like.
The advantage of 2D plans of real estate is their transparency and accuracy, you can also see in the best possible way how the apartment is oriented to particular parts of the world or how the communication routes will run.

Points of interest

POI (interactive elements in the scene) give the opportunity to tag the selected point and place an additional description in it or insert additional multimedia content – including videos embedded e.g. on YouTube. They allow you to insert a text message in a virtual walk around the property, e.g. item description, current price list, menu, etc.

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